Month: July 2021

  • Case study: a 10-sessions coaching journey

    Meet the clients where they are. Partner with them to let them reach their next step, whichever that is. Celebrate with them the successes. Repeat 🙂 Today I share the case study of a 10-sessions coaching journey with Claire, a talented freelancer. 1. What prompted you to start work with me?  “Giulia and I had […]

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  • Case study: results of a 9-months coaching journey

    When I started working with this client, I noticed the drive and passion behind every action, together with a bold vision. It is a great honour to share this case study, that brings a message of possibility, hope and creation. 1. What prompted you to start work with me?  What challenges were you experiencing? “I […]

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  • Client’s review on a 10-sessions coaching journey

    “I highly recommend Giulia Villirilli as a career coach. For those of you that are ambitious, feel the need to run, dive in, and keep going – career coaching is a necessity. For those of you that have a difficult work situation to navigate, coaching can help get you to a more successful and sustainable […]

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