What do clients say?

I had the pleasure of working with Giulia during the COVID-19 lockdown and she really took the time to understand my needs. Giulia was a ”breath of fresh air”. Her coaching ability is truly amazing. The experience, knowledge and professionalism that Giulia brought to every session took me on an exciting journey that I hadn’t anticipated. My time with Giulia continues to inspire and shape my personal development even though we’ve concluded our work together. She is an outstanding coach that I would highly recommend!


Director, Ireland

Giulia has been my leadership coach for over a year. Her coaching skills are direct, compassionate and very insightful, helping me to quickly discover hidden strengths, as well as limiting beliefs that could have kept me from progressing further in my career.  As a senior executive I am often faced with making decisions in isolation, but working with Giulia, I know that there is always someone there who will not only hold me accountable for my goals, but also help bring clarity during those more tumultuous times.

Matthew H

Senior Executive, Santa Fe, USA

In Giulia I found an incredible partner to clarify and find creative ways to achieve my goals.  Though our sessions were virtual and we saw each other through a computer screen, Giulia has such an amazing presence that I truly felt as though she was sitting right in front of me!  She is supportive, non -judgmental and focuses on your needs completely while being goal oriented and able to work with you step by step to achieve your objectives. Giulia is a great coach for business, transitions and generally for anyone willing to be challenged to continuously improve!


Scientific Communications Director, Switzerland

During a casual conversation, a friend of mine accidentally mentioned about coaching and Giulia.  Until then, as an academic and scientist, I did not know what coaching was or never thought I would need a coaching session. After several contemplations, I contacted Giulia. She was prompt, professional and at the same time very friendly. She encouraged me to have a different outlook on problems that one usually encounters in competitive environments and eventually helped me deal with them positively. I have really enjoyed working with Giulia, she was very friendly, flexible and at the same time direct in pointing out the issues and helping me to address them. I really enjoyed the sessions, and I wish I had known her earlier and received her coaching sessions. I highly recommend Giulia as a coach.


Scientist, Germany

Giulia was my coach for about a year, and her insights, encouragement, and ability to challenge my thinking were of immense help. I still recall many of my coaching sessions with Giulia and the impact they had. We once did an exercise to identify my values that was so powerful that I keep an index card near my computer and another next to my bed with the key words we came up with. They’re a constant reminder to me, and show how Giulia’s thoughtful and effective approach has a lasting effect. Part of Giulia being a great coach is her warmth and sincerity. She genuinely cares about her clients, recalls details of past conversations, and finds just the right lever to get you to think in new, more powerful ways. Giulia will continue to be my coach for many years!


Program Director at a philanthropic foundation, Switzerland

I had the pleasure to be coached by Giulia regarding my personal and professional goals. Giulia has an incredibly intuitive coaching approach while she always keeps her professional and warm attitude at the same time. She listened actively and carefully to what I have shared with her including what was said between the lines. Her powerful questioning technique and holding the space all the time during coaching sessions gave me a feeling of full trust and the possibility for self-reflection. Even though we had coaching sessions online and via phone the experience was incredible intimate – just like sitting face to face in the same room. I enjoyed the coaching journey with Giulia that has been highly inspiring and that led to a lot of clarity in the topics I shared in the coaching sessions with her. I would always recommend Giulia as a coach – for both – professional and life coaching.


Chief Operating Officer, Germany

The coaching sessions were a truly game changer in my life both personally and professionally. Giulia challenged me to get the best of myself and together we defined a series of actions and tools which helped me focus on the present and successfully achieve my goals.


Purchasing Manager, Düsseldorf, Germany

The coaching sessions with Giulia helped me a lot during a moment of professional stress. I really appreciated her working method: she always helped me focus on a particular matter I wanted to change in my attitude toward my job, she asked the right questions to make me realize what are my inner strengths and my objectives, and she assisted me in building methods to deal with uncomfortable decisions and to overcome obstacles between me and my goals. Her coaching sessions gave me tools that will be precious in my future professional as well as personal life.



Giulia is a coach who is open and pleasant to work with. In our journey, she listened beyond what was being said, understood and went to the core matters (focus) very quickly with good and challenging questions, as well as supported me to prioritize with visual graphs. I would love to work with her again simply because she has challenged me to expand myself in a kind compassionate manner.


Facilitator, Switzerland

It’s been an outstanding experience working with you, your coaching style, authentic approach and genuine tone made it beyond enjoyable as well as very effective coaching experience for me. I was able to discover a lot about myself through your coaching, you’ve helped me unleash hidden believes that enabled me to be more self-aware … I was able to have better clarity on a number of strategic directions and decisions that have not been moving for a while – Your confidence, presence and authentic style was a great support for me to move forward and take steps towards my goals. I am so happy to have had a chance to work with you, you are a great coach, very professional & a true partner.



I had the pleasure of having Giulia as my coach. During our coaching relationship, she stood beside me with her unique energy, and I highly benefited from her trust in me when I had to negotiate on professional and financial topics. I was encouraged to go deep on my limiting beliefs and adopt small but consistent strategies that made me more confident. She patiently helped me take steps to discover that negotiation is feasible and sometimes even fun!. I highly recommend Giulia to the ones who are looking for a gently direct and action-oriented coach.


Consultant, Italy

Giulia’s main strength as a coach is courage: courage to hold the client’s fears, courage to ask thought-provoking questions, courage to motivate and inspire the client to find his/her own way to new awareness and action.


Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Italy

I had the pleasure of meeting Giulia while taking the Certified Coach Program of the International Coach Academy. We had weekly online sessions over several months and I have always been so impressed by Giulia’s positive energy and attitude and by her ability to connect at different levels, despite the physical distance and different time zone.

It was very easy for me to build a trustful rapport with her thanks to her empathy and professionalism. She is an amazing coach with a strong enthusiasm for it. She is a reliable and supportive person and a great listener. When you engage in a coaching conversation with her, Giulia has a sharp ability to ask such powerful questions to develop your awareness, challenge your assumptions and deliver a real impact.

Giulia is a competent and passionate professional. I really recommend her if you are looking forward to moving into action.


President Tabitha Foundation, Singapore

Giulia is an awesome coach.  What sets her apart from the rest is her unique ability to allow you the space to see what’s important to you, reframe your perspective and then allows you to find inner peace and gratitude for that which no long serves you. This allows a forward movement in your life whereby you don’t regret the past, but you are thankful to it.  It’s a beautiful journey, and I highly recommend Giulia as a coach to support you to live life at its fullest and happiest no matter what your endeavours are!

Minpreet Jongkees