...Hop, Step, Jump!

My coaching model is related to the coaching partnernship and process. The model unfolds in three steps and sees the client (coachee) as active part in the whole process: the coachee is the triple jumper.

I chose the triple jump for two reasons.

The first one, is that I personally competed in athletics for many years and then certified as a trainer. This connects me to sport analogies. Moreover, my business background and my past profession as account manager connect me with the concepts of performance, potential development, leadership and target-oriented living.

The second reason is that the triple jump well illustrates the phases behind my coaching model, as shown below.

You are the jumper! And the triple jump unfolds like this:  

1. Hop – Estabilish Trust: you are willing to enter the coaching relationship. It will be an enriching journey together, aimed at bringing you forward with your specific goals.

2. Step – Develop awareness: this phase is made of many little steps that will lead to new learning, sustainable progress and in the end, to a substantial change. Faith and committment will be needed during the whole period in order to achieve the desired outcome.

3. Jump – Create action: the jump is action and responsibility. This is the moment in which you take action to achieve what you desire, with new awareness and knowledge.


I will be present for you and partner with you to make this a pivotal moment of your life. Which is my role in each step?

1. Establish trust: I will be fully present, listen to you at various levels and create for you a space of trust, following your rhythm.

2. Develop awareness: in my role I will mirror behaviors and thoughts and support, inspire and challenge you. I have an active role in helping you surface your barriers and explore your hidden potential.

3. Create action: I will be your first active supporter, encourage you to take action and move forward, being your accountability partner during all the journey.

Remember, the protagonist is the jumper, the only one who decides how and how far to jump.

…are you willing to jump?