So many people leave money and opportunities on the table when negotiating for a new job or position. And with that, they leave on the table a better life, better conditions, higher motivation and self-esteem.

❓ What makes it so hard to negotiate? What causes this considerable resistance to asking for what we desire?

Some causes I have seen (including my own of some years ago) are self-doubt, lack of courage, fear of not being chosen in a selection process.

➡️ Here are some sentences I hear very often in the coaching sessions:

• “They are going to say no; it’s useless to ask.”

• “This never happened before in my company.”

• “If I ask for this, I cannot ask for that and that.”

• “Really, I can ask for that?”

• “If I ask, they are not going to choose me.”

• “If I ask, I will sound arrogant.”

➡️ And here are some good reasons to prepare for a negotiation and ask for what you want:

• You will know what is possible for you

• Even if it’s a “no” at first, your intentions will be clear, and you will match with better partners

• You will honour yourself

• You will maybe be the first one to break some walls and rules and create a better future for many others

• You will see how the counterpart responds and will be able to understand if it is with respect and kindness, regardless of the result

• … and many more.

The well-known secret to negotiation is preparation. Once you know your BATNA, goal, desired approach and questions, your chances of obtaining what you want will rise automatically.

Confidence comes from within, and this means that we can build it.🏋

Trust the process, and enjoy every stage. Every beginner has so much to gain, so much to learn. 🙂